There are many women all around the world who are interested in breast augmentation for the enhancement of their breast. But most of them do not have proper knowledge that what actually is breast implant and how it is done. Even many of the women are not aware of the types of breast implant, to select the better suited for them. Breast augmentation is a kind of surgery in which you should have proper knowledge before opting for the surgery. Before starting the surgery, the doctor should properly talk to the patient and know that what kind of surgery they want and what should be the size of implant that they desire. The surgery is done in unconsciousness, and generally, a low dose of anesthesia is used for the surgery because it is not the very difficult to type of surgery and it does not require so much of time.


The surgery is done through an incision, but first, the doctor should discuss the incision options with the patient, there is an incision which is done under the breast and usually called as inframammary incision. Similarly, there are two other types of incision which should be discussed with the patient before starting any kind of surgery. The type of incision which the patient will select will depend upon several factors which include the desires of the patient that how much enlargement is required, the anatomy of the patient and the type of implant that has been selected by the patient.


The breast implant that is artificially made is inserted into a pocket and there are mainly two different kinds of implants that are:


In this type of surgery or we can say that implant the recovery takes the longer period of time and there is more pain felt. In this implant, the placement is done under the pectoral muscle.


This is a simpler type of implant in which the placement goes behind the breast tissue, over the muscle of pectoral.


After the process of placement, there is the closing of incision which should be done very carefully so that the patient does not feel much pain. The incision is done with the help of stitches in the breast tissues. Stitches are applied to close the skin. At first, the marks of the incision are visible, but with the passage of time, they fade away.


After performing these steps, there is an observation part where you observe the patient, that whether the implant has been done properly or not. After the surgery, some swelling is observed in the patients, but the swelling fades away in two weeks almost. The marks of the incision also fade away with time. After that, the patients give his feedback that whether the implant meets her expectations or not. And the feedback from the patient is very important because it helps to improve the method to meet the requirements of the patients.

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As the effect of anesthesia is over, the patient wakes up and feels pain but the pain is reduced with the help of pain killers. After the anesthesia, the patient is not able to drive, so, there should be a driver along with them. The stitches are usually absorbable and they dissolve within 6 weeks almost. But if the stitches do not dissolve, so one should visit a doctor promptly. The medical team will check you and will provide following information about you:

  1. How you can take care of your breast after the procedure.
  2. How much dosage of medicine should be used?
  3. When you have to visit the doctor.

They patient should visit the doctor if they see any changes like this in them:

  1. Any kind of infection, fever or any kind of redness in the body is an alarming sign that you should visit the doctor.
  2. Unusual heart rate any kind of pain the chest or shortness of breaths.


The patient should take complete bed rest after the implant and should not be included in any kind of activity for almost 6 weeks. The patient should take advice from the doctor for any kind of exercise which is better for their body and which will make them comfort. Precaution is better than cure. One should take necessary precautionary steps after the implant surgery so that she might not face any kind of issues in the future. We do not say that this not a good way to get want you to want. It is actually a really good way to shape your body like you want to. But, research should be done before doing anything or trying anything on your body. And safety measures are also very important in any kind of surgery so one should consider them as well.