Best Penis Enlargement Product

One of the most searched up topic on the internet by men is penis enlargement. Believe it or not but there are more than 4 million searches on the internet with regard to penis enlargement products. You will find all sorts of services and products including pills, creams, ointments, machines and even surgeries.

However before you opt for any one of these methods you have to first ensure that do you really need such products? The majority of men who are in search for penile enlargement happen to be average in size. Yet they think they lack out on something. A small comment from your partner of pornographic picture may mislead you in to thinking that you have a small size.

So instead of wasting your time when you don’t even require such effort make sure you really require help or not. However if you genuinely suffer from a small penis size then below are the most effective penis enlargement products and services you will be able to find in the market.

The much popular Vacuum pump

Who hasn’t heard about the vacuum pump? This vacuum pump was firstly prescribed only to erectile dysfunctional men to gain an erection. However with the passage of time it has been observed that regular usage of this device may be able to increase your penis size.

The vacuum device consists of a cylindrical device to which a pump is attached. A ring or band is placed one side of the cylinder to control the air pressure within the cylinder. The pump is used to suck out all the air from the cylinder and the ring is able to maintain this pressure.

Working of the vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is quite easy to use. The pump has to be placed simply over the penis. in simple words the cylinder covers the penis. Once you have latched your penis inside the cylinder you are then to pump out the air from the cylinder.

The air can be pumped out through an electrical device or hand pump. This usually depends on the device you have. Electrical pumps are usually a bit costly than the other ones. Once the air has been pumped out from the cylinder vacuum will be created inside it.

This vacuum is able to create such a high suction force which pulls all the blood right inside the penis. The shaft of the penis swells and you gain an erection. Now the tricky and most sensitive part while using this device comes.

Once an erection has been gained you should always remember to use a lubricant to slide down the band to the lower end of the penis. if you attempt to slide down the band without using any lubricant you will encounter extreme pain. Once the vacuum has been released you are to remove the band as well. The band basically maintains the air pressure inside the cylindrical box.


Almost 60 to 80% of men are satisfied with the results that they obtain from this device. The pump when used over a long period of time has helped patients with erectile dysfunction substantially. Men who have used it for penis enhancement have also reported an increase in length and improvement in the erection they get.

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Who can use this device?

This device can be used by

  • Patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction as well as men who have small penis size.
  • In addition men who tend to get a weak erection and have poor blood flow may also use it.
  • Patients suffering from diabetes may also use this device.
  • Those people who have undergone surgery for colon cancer may also use this device. However it may take quite a long time even months for this device to help out such patients.
  • Men suffering from depression or other physiological issues can also benefit from this device

Patients who are suffering from any type of congenital bleeding disorder are recommended to avoid this device. Such conditions include patients suffering from sickle cell anaemia or leukaemia. This device may be quite uncomfortable for men to use who are obese. This is because the lower abdomen hinders the amount of penis that is able to be placed in the cylinder.

Side effects of using this device

You must understand that an erection gained through a vacuum pump will never be the same as the one you get naturally. You may observe your penis to be purple in colour after using this device. Your shaft may get a black or blur mark where the ring is usually placed. However this may happen to fade over a matter of few days.

You will also notice that there is a decreased force of ejaculation but this does not generally hinder in the amount of pleasure obtained from an orgasm.