Tips to follow when sustaining hardcore muscles

Body building is a daunting task and while it improves the entire physique of a man and rejuvenates the overall appeal, on the other hand, it requires consistency and commitment.

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures and however much of a gym junkie you are, you may have to ditch it for a few days due to religious holidays, family vacations, official tours and other similar trips. The main problem that might overwhelm you is ‘How will I maintain my muscles in those 20 days?’ or maybe ‘Will there be a gym on the resort?‘. While questions like these are common for a body builder, nonetheless it is always better to have a plan than to be left without any in the end!

For this reason we bring you the ultimate tips and tricks you can wrap up your sleeve for the next vacation or the holiday so that your muscles don’t suffer like they would, otherwise. Simply use these tricks secretly and keep flaunting your big fat muscles without any problems!

Tip 1: Relax and Reload Strength!

While this tip may feel useless to most bodybuilders but nonetheless it is ideal to relax on your vacation instead of fretting about workouts because this time won’t come again!
Hence, simply relax and reload on your strength by letting your muscles cool down for a week and come back to the gym stronger and sharper. Sounds like a deal?

Tip 2: Do Alternate Exercises

Do not restrict yourself to the gym machines and dumbbells. Instead, indulge in a fitness routine when on holidays by going out for a jog, going for a swim, trekking, scuba diving and so much more. The idea is to move your body so that you don’t gain the excess weight during your fun family moments.

Tip 3: Red Meat it!

You as a bodybuilder must be familiar with creatine but when it comes to the holiday season, you might not find the ideal form of creatine. When this happens, settle for a red meat steak, a burger or simply meatball sauce!
Creatine will keep your muscles intact during the layoff season and will also fuel them to the core. Why worry now!

Tip 4: Muscle Foods!

In order to preserve muscles for a longer duration, you need to consume the ideal forms of protein. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and they also provide the body with essential nutrients, amino acids, etc.
For the ideal protein intake, enjoy eggs, fish, chicken, red meat, legumes, beans, bananas, soy, nuts, etc.

Tip 5: Workout Secretly

If you feel you amaze everyone with your huge muscles, don’t let them know that your muscles can shrink too! Workout in your room before sleeping or right after you wake up to preserve the shape of your muscles.
Simple room workouts can be squats, triceps dips, pushups, pull-ups, planks, abs exercises, etc.
For more exercise tips, checkout online tutorials and follow them effortlessly.

Tip 6: Ditch Carbohydrates

During ordinary days when we workout at the gym, carbohydrates act as the ideal food group because they covert into energy. However, when not working out, carbs can crawl up the skin and add flabby mass, making you lose the shape of the muscles.
When vacationing with friends and family members, avoid carbs or simply limit their portion. Don’t let the carbs get stored as fat!

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Tip 7: Toughen Up prior to the Vacation

Everyone knows the dates of the vacations. Once you know you will be travelling 3 weeks later, simply bust all your energy into working out even harder so that you exceed your fitness goal.
This way, not only will you be fitter and smarter for the fun days to come but you will also feel relaxed mentally when lying down on the beach. Moreover, you will have room for gaining a few pounds!

Tip 8: Make the Most of Vacation Spots

Why stress about working out when you can enjoy the amazing scenery, the perfect beaches, mountains and what not! Make the most of your vacation spots and enjoy them in every way possible.
While you bake under the sun in the afternoons and visit the night clubs at night, go for a walk early morning when the sky is blue and be refreshed like never before.
Moreover, make the most of your time off by indulging in the activities the resort or the city in general has to offer. Top Safe & Legal Steroids Trust us, you will have the time of your life and also sustain muscles!

Tip 9: No Fizzy Drinks and Desserts

Whereas enjoying to the max is the ideal purpose of a vacation, nonetheless if you want to sustain your hardcore muscles, you would rather stay away from fatty foods and sugary goods!
Enjoy your muscles pre and post layoff season while you take pleasure in these simple tricks!


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