Tips and tricks for a quick weight loss

Losing weight is not as easy as gaining it. It requires a lot of hard work and efforts to shed pounds and achieve your desired weight on the scale. There are many people out there who are obese, fat or overweight and body shamed just because they don’t look appealing.

Such so called fat people could be suffering from as serious condition that let to the extra weight gain or may be this increased weight could be a side effect of medicines. The reasons can be many but no one is ready to listen to the struggles of these fat people. It is really easy to mock them rather than motivating and supporting for starting their weight loss journey.

As hard as it is to raise a baby, weight loss too requires months of sweating and handwork with determination to become fit and healthy. Being fat is not bad unless you are healthy but not everyone with a weight more than their BMI is fit. What if you could speed up your weight loss process with just a few simple tricks? It would definitely motivate you to shed the extra kilos. Here are the few of the best tips and tricks that can really help you in your journey of reducing weight:

  • Watch out for what you eat

No one is asking you to go for dieting and starve yourself to death. Opt for much more healthier options that will not only help you in reducing weight but fill your body with the right minerals. It may sound crazy but there are many foods gifted to you by nature that can help you in losing weight. Include fish, fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet because foods that are rich in iron, carbohydrates and protein are the best way of losing weight. Such foods give you a feeling of fullness with just a few bites and trick you into eating less. So in short the lesser you eat the more weight you will lose of course.

  • Say “no” to sugar and starch

If you have a sweet tooth than this may sound one of the toughest things to do but if you are determined to speed up you weight loss process than be strong enough to cut back on sugar and starchy foods. Items that are rich in sugar and starch content like rice, ice creams, cookies and drinks are one of the major reasons of gaining weight. When these enter the body, your system is unable to break sown all the sugar and starch in one go and hence it starts accumulating inside forming blocks of fats everywhere. Saying a complete bye to sugary and starchy food will do wonders to your body and you will lose weight more quickly.

  • Don’t forget to burn some calories

With such a hectic schedule it may be difficult to take out some time for exercise but staying active is another important factor that can help you in your weight loss journey. Eating the right things will only lead to a slower reduction of weight unless you hit the gym and sweat yourself.

It is important to include some sort of physical activity in your daily routine. Be it zumba or weight training or just even simply walking for 30 minutes; try to keep your body moving because the more active you are, the more calories you will burn. And buring of calories ensures you lose weight quickly.

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  • Water: The magical drink

Water, one of the best drinks to keep you hydrated and skin fresh. Drinking a few liters of water everyday keeps you full longer and so you will eat less. The lesser you eat the better it will be for your weight loss journey.

  • Are you a coffee lover?

Well if you are a coffee lover than losing weight for you is not a difficult task. Drinks like tea and coffee contain caffeine which has been proved to speed up the metabolism. The higher the rate of metabolism, the quicker your body will burn fats hence leading to a faster weight loss. Remember to have your caffeinated drink water any raw or artificial sugar or else if won’t help you in reducing weight.

  • Conclusion

Weight loss may not be easy but with the right tricks it can definitely be sped up. taking advantage of nature’s blessings in form of food is one of the healthiest way to cut down some of the extra kilos. Just remember, even if you are planning to reduce weight, to it in a healthy way. Exercise and have things that will provide your body with the right nutrients so that you can stay fit and active for longer to lead a healthy life.


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